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The Beginning

In 2013, we started out as a few passionate individuals with strong values and a commitment towards bridging the gap in the wider world of information technology here in Sweden. Armed with an IT background and a never say never attitude we put in all that we had in pursuing our goals and were fortunate enough to achieve them!

Where we are now

Today we uphold the same values but work in a much larger team of over 50 equally committed individuals whose knowledge and experience have enabled us to secure a place in the forefront of the Swedish IT community. 

Our values

We have always set the bar high and enjoy working with people and clients who are willing to take up new challenges and explore new avenues while simultaneously encouraging the same spirit in others around them. 

We like individuals who are not just updated on the digital front, but are also empathetic, curious about the world around, able to bounce back from mistakes and contribute positively overall.

We are unbiased when it comes to giving opportunities to individuals as long as they share our passion and our values in working towards a common goal. 

Our Future

Witnessing that the world of IT is moving towards unprecedented heights, we are excited to embrace the challenges that come along with it. With the expansion of IoT from cellular technology and automobiles to our homes and living spaces, there is a greater need for synchronizing cross industry as well as vertical specific requirements. As human involvement continues to be directed to the core process of initiating and developing successful technology, we think it would be interesting to be a part of the harmonious convergence of artificial and human intelligence. 

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